First Rule Of Nabokov Winner Announcement + Update On Award Structure

With Nabokov we saw a high watermark of entries, which necessitated a broad shortlist. December represents a holiday period for many around the world, a time of celebration, new ideas and challenges. This year was no different.

First let’s welcome the authors to the shortlist

Ellen Macpherson, Tigest G Negussie, Will Christopher Partridge, George Britton, and Catherine Haines all debuted on this engaging award created by frequent NiTH writer (and winner) Sophie L Macdonald.

Hansmita and Ash Warren were also both on the shortlist, and it was great to see both Jewel Eliese and Terry Spring return to the award. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a story from either author, and both showed us what we’ve been missing with their efforts.

So welcome to all of you, new, seasoned or just lightly salted. It’s heartening to see so many interesting stories and voices week in week out. Before we get to the winners announcement though, let’s talk about a new award format.

Changes to NiTH award structure + Prizes

NiTH is always changing. Right now, we want to try offering a an actual prize beyond the free edirs that are currently up for grabs. I think offering up proper prizes might drive the quality of the award if we can find a way to do it at a grassroots level.

Here’s the idea we have in mind

  • A single monthly award / shortlist with a monetary prize
  • Raise funds for the prize through the Patreon
  • A ‘sponsor vote’ for the backers that takes up on position on the panel.
  • Backer incentives. Were thinking free feedback, writing material and exclusive content.
  • Early access. The shortlist will be available to backers only for the first two weeks.
  • Long term funding percentage. A portion of each sponsorship round will go into the long term investment of the site to pay for upgrades, upkeep and admin.

I think this is a good idea and a nice evolution of the contest. However we do want feedback, so if you have any queries, ideas or issues please let me know by contacting us through the Contact Page.

Some more info / FAQ

When will this all kick off?

The first award will be available soon, to coincide with the end of the Queen’s Cryptographer Award.

What about feedback

Shortlisted authors will still get feedback on their work. Feedback prizes will be offered up to sponsors instead.

Can I be a sponsor and enter the contest

Absolutely. We hope as many people as they can both enter the contest and sponsor the awards.

How can I get onboard with this?

Were in the process of changing our Patreon page to show what’s up. When the first award launches, there will be more information on the award page.

Winner Announcement

Thanks for your patience with the announcement, were all excited to see who took first place in this massive shortlist.

In third place we have newcomer Adrian Smither with his short, Another Saturday Night.

You hit that yet?” he responded after taking a pull off his cigar. Like all men, my coach’s social development ceased maturing somewhere around his junior year of high school.

“No, I think she has a boyfriend,” I moaned.

Second place also becomes to another author on debut. Congratulations to Jenni French, Lost Letters came with 0.1 points of taking the top spot.

I was walking around the river recently and I found a piece of graffiti under the bridge that I fell in love with. It simply said “there is no authority but yourself”. It’s been stuck in my mind since and I think you should really consider it. Nothing can stop you from doing what you want, so take a risk. I’ll catch you if you get it wrong. I promise,

The winner this week belongs to a regular competitor. In fact he is the brains behind the excellent Queen’s Cryptographer Award. Congratulations to Ash Warren for his delightful The Prince, which secured the number 1 spot.

The second thing he noticed was the life-sized portrait of His Imperial Highness the Emperor in full regalia, hanging on the wall directly in front of them.

The sergeant now proffered him several sheets of a handwritten document.

‘Perhaps you’d better read this first sir.’ he said.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this award a success, particularly the writers for always taking risks with your stories and the judges whose tireless efforts and good nature were strained to the maximum with this long shortlist.

Up next we have Queen’s Cryptographer Award Part 2. And keep an eye out for the first of the new awards hopefully out later this week.

3 thoughts on “First Rule Of Nabokov Winner Announcement + Update On Award Structure

  1. Thanks guys and especially judges who really had to put in some overtime on this one. I am both happy and surprised to have come out on top of such a mighty shortlist, the longest I’ve ever seen at NiTH I think.

    The last time I won was in a squeaker too, and I want to say to Jenni French who was runner up by a real hair’s breadth that I really admired your tale ‘Lost Letters’. That was a beautifully crafted piece of writing I thought.
    Love to see more of your work here.

    I originally wrote ‘The Prince’ back in 2014 as a 10,000 word monster before I started writing for NiTH in 2015. Looking back at that original and totally unwieldy piece I realise how much writing regularly here, with its constant feedback, strong competition and genuine cameraderie has helped me as a writer. It’s an experience I wish for all here on this shortlist.

  2. Congratulations, Ash 🙂 Well done all 🙂 Martin, love the new changes to NiTH award structure. Bring it on! Let me know when I can start backing up on Patreon on this. I’ll do what I can to say thank you because I share the same view with Ash: NiTH helps us become better writers.

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