Winner Announcement: Flintlocks & Folly Act 3

The third and final act for Flintlocks and Folly saw three authors conclude three different yet thematically exciting awards. We’ve already seen both Norrish and Seymour take a win apiece. Can Mills square it up with a win for part three of Snowing in Capricorn? Let’s find out.

Daniel Norrish’s Blood and Discovery series finished with an exciting conclusion to the fate of dear Taibald in A Ship:

It was as long as a pirate’s eyeglass and it hung above Taibald in the hot, stinking air. In a second, the thing snapped clean in half and fell to the Earth in two separate pieces. Taibald glimpsed back to Banda and saw he had a scimitar in one hand and he was throwing thin wooden hatchets with the other.

Banda shot Taibald a furious look as he pointed to the horizon they had been running towards and Taibald knew he should be running again.

While last week’s winner, Jessica Seymour, Reclaimed our attention with part three of The Argonauta’s Prey:

“Burn the clanky bastard’s body,” Pike said, pressing one of Legs’s illuminators into Jacksy’s thin, care-worn hands. “Then jump ship.”

“Will it hurt him?” Jacksy asked.

“Nah, but he’s messin’ with my ship so now I wanna wreck something he loves,” Pike said.

“Aye Cap’n,” Jacksy replied, scrambling to obey.

Ryan D Mills has battled strongly throughout this contest. I not only enjoy his dense yet lyrical style of prose, but appreciate the effort he has put into creating unique title images. Suit of Swords concludes the trilogy, and we’re left to wonder if there will ever be a Suit of Batons:

The salt water clings to my shirtback and lashes me wetly with the chill of the wind, as I hold the few items I’m supposed to keep dry, a bundle of calico and some metal like iron I can barely keep together, and attempt, however desperately, to shield them from the spray.

I’m trying to follow the instructions as best I can. And to cling to what pieces our few remaining crew could remember of the unlit cove, and the transaction we’d meant to make, our original goal from when the hold had been full, when everyone was accounted for, and our spirits were high.

Winner Announcement

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our judges this week. as always, your promptness and commitment to providing quality feedback is what makes Needle go round.

Our winner this week is celebrating her second win in and many entries. Congratulations to Jessica Seymour for part three of The Argonauta’s Prey. Jessica just edged out the competition in a closely contested award, leaving one judge to remark:

This has been one of the more enjoyable stories I have read. Although it was very Pike-centric, the pace at which we reached the climax and cliffhanger was really well done. I loved the way that the story is so unfinished, driving the reader to want more, which I do. I really do.

Congratulations Jessica and welcome to everyone

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