Winner Announcement for Warren’s Ashes Award


The Warren’s Ashes Award was a writing contest that asked authors to construct a story based on a misunderstanding.

We received over a dozen entries for this award though only three made the short list.

2015’s superstar, Lydia Trethewey, looked to back up her recent spate of wins with the tongue in cheek political satire Glitter Bomb Scare.

Lydia’s wit and humour were on display, as was her ability to capture the voice of the out-of-fashion resident leader of Australia’s government. Unpopular leaders make good literary fodder, and Lydia capitalised with aplomb.

On a different track completely,  Jana Winston returned to the NiTH short list with a picaresque comedy of three teenage boys who’s understanding of arcane magick is found sorely lacking. Part Monty Python, part Stand By Me, Jana made us laugh with By the Train Tracks. And it’s great to see Jana back on the short list.

Last but by no means least, newcomer Ela’s Cetin made her NiTH début with the darkly comic Pranking Frank.

With the Ashley Madison debarcle all over the news the timing couldn’t be better for a story about suspicious lovers. Not one to mince words, Ela’s story is funny, dark and we’ll written, with an ending that is unexpected, but perhaps long overdue.

Congratulations to all three shirt listed authors this week. It was a tough decision for our judges, many of whom scored two and three-way ties, such was the conundrum. However once all the scores were in there could only be one winner.

Please congratulate newcomer Ela Cetin on her win!

Winning on début has been a trend this year, and Ela has certainly lived up to the tradition. Pranking Frank is a deliciously wicked story that you can read here.

Congrats Ela!

And well done to everyone who entered.

Thanks to everyone who made this week’s award possible, including Ash Warren for the award idea and our judges for volunteering their time.

Coming up tomorrow, the short list for the Fae Little Things Award promises to pit some NiTH heavy hitters against one another with in what proved to be an interesting competition.

And if you’re looking for something to read, why not check out our Writing Tips For Horror Stories. You never know it might prove to be an important tool in future competitions…

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