From the highest of the retro-deco corporate towers, to the slums of the forgotten sewer cities, citizens and aliens of old earth tune their radios to the frequency of the Needle. Breathlessly, they await the announcement. Somewhere star ward, a merchant fleets twinkles in orbit.

Congratulations to our Winner:

Joey To!

This is Joey’s first win and it’s well deserved. As well as frequently submitting to our short list (he even has one up now for the WEBMASTER Award) Joey also does his own artwork. A writer who always has something to say, Joey has shown a continual improvement in how he says it. As one judge put it:

“Joey walks the line between the sublime and the profane. You’re never quite sure what he is looking for, but when he finds it, it’s thrilling to read.”

Congratulations to Joey and all our short listers this time round. The quality of the submissions was excellent, and I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this was a tightly contested contest.