Winner Announcement: Grande, Vast & Brief Award

‘Oh my!’ jittered Polluck, ‘I must have put that last comma in the wrong spot. I didn’t realise such a small thing could make such a big difference!’

So goes the penultimate paragraph of C.R. Gardner’s Small Things, a flash story that manages to tell a fantastic tale and make a valid point about the art of writing, all at once.

I won’t spoil the punchline, because C.R. is our winner this week and her story is 100% worth a read if you haven’t checked it out already. But I will be the first (but not the last) to congratulate Gardner on another fantastic win!

C.R. is an author who puts in for just about every award. A trademark fantasist, what’s perhaps most surprising is the breadth and depth she brings to the genre. It’s always a pleasure to have her on the short list and this week’s win was well deserved in a crowded field of top notch stories.

A Trio Of Debutants

We welcomed three first timers to NiTH this short list. Ross Steven took out second place with the intriguing Returning Home, and Esha Desai and Laura Campbell both impressed with their first forays into the shortlist. Hello and welcome to all three of you, and I hope you find plenty of fun writing stuff at NiTH!

Feedback For Everyone

As usual we’ve compiled feedback from our judges and we will be sending that out to each author over the next few days. We’re always appreciative of the hard work our judges put in to scoring and commenting on each of the stories, and it’s great that people are willing to volunteer a bit of time every week. If you’d like to judge on an upcoming award, get in contact with us and let us know. We’re always looking for new voices to share their opinions in what make s a great story.

We Did It: Burn Thrive Burn Is Funded!

NiTH’s first every physical publication will go to print! Congratulations to all the authors involved in this project. There’s still time to pick up a copy if you’re interested, but most importantly we now have a complete pipeline from Projects & Collaborations to completed publication. If you’re sick of waiting for publishers to help you get published, maybe now’s the time to join up.

Part 2: To The Nines

This week’s shortlist is part two of our serialised ‘To The Nines’ Award. Every story from part one has continued, with some really interesting twists, plus author Daniel Norrish has decided to double down, submitting a second story. Awesome!

Check them out here, winner announcement next Tuesday.

Thanks For The Support!

As usual, we couldn’t keep all this awesome writing fun going without your support. If you’re not already supporting us, we could really use it. For a couple of cups of coffee a month you’ll get rewards in the form of serialised novellas and a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping out in our wonderful community. Patreon link is here.

That’s all from me for now. Congratulations once again to C.R. Gardner for her win. Tomorrow there will be a couple more comps up on the website. In the meantime, the Bertie Beats The Tweets Award is open right now.

One thought on “Winner Announcement: Grande, Vast & Brief Award

  1. Thanks for lovely comment – it’s great having the opportunity to write fantasy in so many different ways.

    Loved reading the other stories too, so many different ideas we come up with from the same prompt.

    I might have to slow down on putting into the awards tho, too many other pieces to write 🙂 I love the challenge tho – writing for NiTH is challenging me in so many ways and each time I write a piece, my skills improve. Love it. Thanks for this site and the judges and the other writers. Best writing “aide” I’ve stumbled across in recent years.

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