Winner Announcement: The Hate and Coat 2018 Major Contest

Thanks for waiting.

We’re about to make the winner’s announcement, but first a series of clues. Number #1 was in the very first sentence. It’s similar to how our winner began their story. Let’s see how you go with the rest of them.

Each morning I’d check the inbox for results and feedback form the judges.

“Fantastic read, like a memory that’s not my own.” They would say, or:

“It took me to far away places that I have never seen.”

Then there are those judges that linger, needing ‘one more day’ or an extra weekend to really mull things over. I would email them, trying it be sympathetic. After all, being part of the jury isn’t an easy task.

“Tomorrow,” they would say. I know them meant three tomorrows. Having overseen hundreds of contests at NiTH, I can empathise with their problem.

Do you know who it is yet?

Some writers are more famous than others, if that’s the right word.

That can work for and against an author. We have, for example, previous major contest winners in the shortlist. How does an author’s previous success impact the minds of the jury? Can you separate the author from the story?

These are questions our jury judges must wrestle with as they decide who takes first place. They are questions with no easy answers. The judges must tangle with their own self doubt and be true to what they believe in.

Still not sure who it is yet? I’m going to tell you.

The winner of 2018’s major contest is Jacqueline Trott with the story Lover’s Tangle. Well done Jacqueline, it’s a fantastic read and a truly unique piece that both captures the spirit of the award and manages to stand out among capable peers.

Jacqueline takes home our major prize of 50% of the total prize pool.

As a way of saying thanks to other writers, those on the shortlist will receive a share of the remaining 50%

Thanks to everyone who entered, judged and supported NiTH through the major contest. It’s always a bumpy, exciting adventure, but either our largest long list ever, this was something special.

We’ll be in touch with all the writers shortly. Make sure you check out the short story contests page for even more exciting contests coming up in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Winner Announcement: The Hate and Coat 2018 Major Contest

  1. I re-read this story today and it is a deserving winner. Well done Jacqueline.

  2. What a great piece of writing. I like the poetry here and the vivid images it conjures up. Well done.

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