Winner Announcement: Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award Part 4

Can you ever really tell if a specific moment in time is the end of something, or the start of something else? Is it ever that simple? In the same way, one story’s final sentence can quickly become the opening line of another, as long as someone choose to write it…

This chronologically challenged serial award is finally drawing to a close… yet as it ends, we are shown the beginning of our four authors’ tales.


Ash Warren showed us the beginning of his tale by taking us backwards in time within his cleverly composed final instalment of Four Bach Cantatas.

‘A couple travelling together is less suspicious.’ he said as he handed him the necessary papers. ‘So take Elizabet. Then go alone to the rendezvous and give them this notebook. It contains the names and addresses of all the Resistance in Marseilles. Needless to say, you must be… careful….’

In No One To Blame But Marlee Part 4, Sarah Nesbitt brought us a provocative beginning to her story.

She looked serene, her skin smooth and almost translucent in the moonlight.  Her features were different.  Her thin set mouth, normally taught, was now fuller, lips just parted, the corners turning ever so slightly upwards into the barest hint of a smile.  She was ethereal.

Stephen Reid’s conclusion/introduction to Finding Time finally reveals to us the origins of that precious family heirloom.

“Ugh,” she said flipping to the next photograph. “That would be Matthew. My ex. I told you about him.”

“Ah yes, the torrid affair of your youth,” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Don’t remind me. He was nothing but a long mistake. I still say that bastard stole my grandmother’s watch!”

“He stole her watch?”

Winner Announcement

Which leaves – for the third week running – our winner, Sophie L MacDonald with It’s All For You! Congratulations on a wonderful winning streak, and a great final instalment! Sophie’s Part 4 shows us how “something funny” can very quickly turn into a nightmare. A chilling conclusion…

“You know what I love about you?” she says. “You’re not scared of anyone. Most boys I know are so lame. You’re just totally evil.” She laughs. “There is literally no line with you. You’ll do anything.”

“I’ll do anything for you,” I promise.

“Good to know,” she says. “I have a plan. Something funny.”

Congratulations to all of the writers who participated in the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award, including those that left us or joined us part-way through. Stay tuned for more awards to come! If you haven’t entered one before, make sure you give it a go; it’s great fun and always a wonderful challenge!


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