Winner Announcement: Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Part 2


Sometimes, memories are blurry, out of focus. Emotions are dulled and senses muted. Often, pieces of the puzzle are missing entirely – especially as we age – or new, fabricated scenes are implanted over painful ones to protect us if we dare to recall the events of times gone by.

So…why do we trust our own interpretation of the past?

Here, the writers of the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award: Part 2, have the chance to examine the events of their characters’ lives with nothing but flawless visual, sensual and temporal acuity. They are able to clearly demonstrate cause and effect in retrospect. They can show the reader the forks in the road their characters face, with the knowledge of exactly where those paths lead. They can even cast an illuminating light on the threads of fate.

Without further ado, let’s examine the fate of our wonderful writers’ tales!


Stephen Reid’s Finding Time revealed to us his protagonist’s frantic search for a priceless possession. 

Another crack of thunder rattled the windows, causing Michael to freeze. The mass of covers shifted. He held his breath until everything was still once again. Exhaling, he thought, I need to hurry.

Lavinia Simson’s Final Hope, and Ash Warren’s Four Bach Cantatas tied in second place this week. Simson’s script-like story took the reader – and her protagonist, too! – back in time…

Nancy left the bedroom and walked out on the balcony. I went back 16 years, but for how long, and why today…the day I got pregnant. “Am I supposed to change that?” she whispered into the sunny skies.

…Whilst the receipt of a letter from a ghost of the past allows Warren to delve into his protagonist’s tragic tale.

So now my old friend, I urge you with all my heart. Seek out this child. It would be what her mother wanted, and I know she loved you beyond all things. Do this, my friend, for her. And for yourself, and most of all, for Laure.

Winner Announcement

With the absence of last week’s winner, Mhairi Campbell, this week’s award goes to one of NiTH’s most prolific writers, Sophie L MacDonald. The Ones to Blame brought us a new point of view, and a chilling confrontation.

“I’m going to tell,” I say. “I’m going to tell Nelly’s family. I’m going to tell Mrs Richards, and I’m going to tell the newspapers. You and your stupid boyfriend may as well just go and kill yourselves too, because you’re going to jail for the rest of your lives.”

Congratulations to Sophie, who was well clear of the pack in this week’s judging, and, of course, to all of the other writers! Don’t underestimate the challenge these writers are facing, having to tell their tales in reverse, yet still managing to give their stories proper dramatic arcs, over four separate parts! It’s truly intriguing stuff.

The Part 3 shortlist will, no doubt, be equally as gripping, so make sure to look out for it soon! Or if you’d like to join in on the fun, it’s never too late to enter!