Winner Announcement: Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Part 3

Is it more prudent to examine the past and learn from your mistakes, or to pre-empt your errors and try to prevent them from happening in the first place? In other words, does hindsight provide more clarity than foresight? The problem is, we’ll never know…

Let’s take a look back at the shortlisted stories from Part 3 of the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award.


Lavinia Simson takes us back to 1992 in Israel, to change the course of history and save the human race in Part 3 of Final Hope.

Nancy opened her eyes. She wasn’t in a bed this time.  Then she heard the sirens. She was in a sleeping bag on the floor in Tel-Aviv. It was 1992 and they were being bombed.

In Four Bach Cantatas Part 3, Ash Warren delves further into Marais’ past, and examines his relationships with Laure and the music he so adores.

He understood for the first time that while music had reached out its hand to him with the possibility of wholeness, of tenderness, he saw he had had used it to remain separate, to brick up that part of himself that knew grief and to be a buffer to the act of intimacy with others.

Sarah Nesbitt has joined the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 shortlist this week, submitting not one but three stories to be eligible to compete. Congrats for a wonderful effort! Part 3 of her story No One To Blame But Marlee transported us to very awkward lunch situation…

Marlee flushed. She again wished they’d agreed to meet somewhere more casual, like a cafe. But she never met Clare somewhere casual. That wasn’t Clare’s style. Clare would want the good wine with a fancy, over priced salad, nothing but two bits of lettuce and a sliver of smoked salmon.

In Finding Time Part 3, Steven Reid takes us deeper into one man’s plot to reclaim a precious watch.

He stared at the blank screen for a few moments. Am I really prepared to do what I came here for? She deserves to have that watch back. But can I really go through with this? he thought. He pushed himself up from his chair and checked himself in the mirror. To make this work, he’d have to look his best.


Winner Announcement


Our winner, for a second week running, is Sophie L Macdonald, with a chilling account of online harassment, in Part 3 of her teen mystery, The Best Night of My Life.

I think I hear something in the background, like a muffled voice, but then there is nothing. No one has ever called me beautiful before.

I take off my top.

“Now show me the rest,” he says.

Congratulations again to Sophie, always one to beat in these competitions! And well done to the rest of the writers; the finish line of this epic serial award is so very close! Stay tuned for the Part 4 Shortlist!