Winner Announcement: Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Part 1

Our guest announcer this week is contest creator and author Tobias Madden.


If the writers of the shortlisted Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 stories could re-write their tales after reading this Winner Announcement, do you think they would write them differently? And if they did, would their stories turn out better or worse?

The trouble with hindsight – as we all know too well – is that it really isn’t 20/20…

This week, Lavinia Simson provided a fast-paced, dialogue-driven tale of tarot, friendship and the return of the antichrist, in Final Hope.

Nancy looked at her 28-year-old son, media surrounding him, and smiled. It was over. The horror of the rise of the antichrist was at an end.

Using the ‘timepiece’ element of the brief as his story’s focal point, Steven Reid showed us the final, gripping moments of his protagonist’s flight (literal and metaphorical) from New York, in Finding Time.

He kept a steady eye on the front of the plane, scrutinizing each passenger as they boarded. When the flight attendants closed the door and began their preflight safety routine, Michael finally exhaled, realizing he’d been holding his breath. That chapter in our lives is done. We can put it behind us forever.

In Four Bach Cantatas: Part 1, Ash Warren transported the reader back to an earlier time, with not only his writing but with the addition of a musical accompaniment for the story.

He walked over to the old gramophone and lifted the needle onto a record he had chosen. The great low note beginning the cantata ‘Komm, süsser Tod’ began to fill the room and he smiled softly to himself.

Coming in second place this week (by a margin of 1.4 points), is NiTH veteran Sophie L MacDonald’s Young Adult drama, This is Not the End.

I think about how this little station will look surrounded by flashing police lights and yellow tape. I picture an officer holding his hat, telling my mum what I’ve done. She won’t be sober enough to understand. I hope someone looks after Katie. She’s only four. Mum can’t even remember to feed herself, let alone a kid.

Winner Announcement

The winner of Part One of the ‘Hindsight Isn’t 20/20’ award, is Mhairi Campbell’s spacetime-bending sci-fi tale, Like Smoke. Campbell’s story was the favourite of four out of five of our esteemed judges this week, receiving high praise for its intriguing themes and cataclysmic conclusion.

I tried to speak, to move, but I couldn’t. And I watched her disintegrate like ash as the world ended. My doppelganger, my other self, died as I did. And I watched the world unravel itself as all our lives snuffed out all over the universe, all those girls, innocent, brave, bad, dissolve like-

Congratulations to Mhairi, and to all of the writers this week, on some wonderful work!

Stay tuned for the ‘Hindsight Isn’t 20/20’ Part Two shortlist, where the writers reveal to us what happened before Part One…