Winner Announcement: Horrors & Heidegger

We don’t always delve into the horror genre. It’s a tough nut to crack at the best of times and can draw even the most discerning author into accidental cliche and things that go *groan* in the night. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with this week’s award.

Horrors & Heidegger asked authors to  experiment with the power of language as a horror device. We saw a slew of authors return to the shortlist, and welcomed newcomer Athalia Altmann with the compelling Spelling Bee.

Lydia Trethewey took us to a virtual world where students battle the ghosts of philosophers past in The Best Thesis Defence. Sophie Macdonald pulled a Daniel Norrish this week and double dipped on the short list with two creepy tales, My Litany and My Best Friend. While John Falconer continued to press his case with the lyrical beauty and horror of Swallowed Hole.

Ian Harrison surprised us with the Open Your Mouth And Close Your Eyes, blending classic spy novel with an ounce of horror, and C.R. Gardner delivered us basement body snatchers in And The Word Became Flesh.

So who won… Well first let’s introduce this month’s Feature Author.

New Feature Author

It was great to have Joey in the spotlight last month, revisiting some of his classic tales, and seeing the maestro in action with last week’s award winning Skullbook.

The purpose of the Feature Author is to put one writer center stage, giving some insight into who they are and recapping some of their favourite stories (and ours as well).

This month we welcome Sophie Macdonald as our feature author. Sophie’s a far more recent addition to the contest, but has already amassed a compelling canon of short stories. We’re excited to bring you our full interview with Sophie here. And if you’ve got any doubt about Sophie’s qualities as a writer, My Best Friend took out first place in last week’s shortlist!

So congratulations Sophie on this double win!

Up now we have part three of our serial ‘To The Nines’ Award. Head over and check out here.