Let’s make this quick, cause it’s Saturday and I wanna parttyyyy.

The KARMA ANIMAL Award is our second performance poetry award, a short list of five poets, all who took up the challenge in their own unique style. Here;s the rundown.

Alistair Robinson’s The Wheel blended mechanical imagery with verse on the abstract nature of karma, and it’s relation to the natural world. One judge had this to say:
“reminds me of something that belongs in an underground art gallery
Enjoyed the abstract nature of the poem”

Erin Biglia’s Empty Gesture, Venom Threaded, ruminated on the notions of just deserts, and getting what you deserve. Erin’s piece came in a close second to our winner this week. Well done Erin. One judge described it as
“Complex, with a rhyming scheme works well and doesn’t become singsong.”

Rachel Calleja’s ‘Doldrums’ starts with a bang. It’s a story about leaving home, and about what we leave behind. Rachel’s powerful delivery is worth checking out. One judge had this to say:
“Far and away the best performer. Good interpretation of the theme. It’s stretching it to say a rocking horse counts as an animal but at least it fits in there naturally.”

Rachel will share the People’s Choice prize with Alexia Dickson, after each received 40% of the vote. Alexia’s poem was almost the polar opposite of Doldrums. The Cat is terse, funny, with shades of dark, and delivered dead pan. One judge said:
“Delivered with a pleasing simplicity and mild sadness. Good observation of the way cats shrug off the stuff that we stress about.”

As for our winner. Well many of you would be familiar with her prose, having competed, and on more then one occasional, won, NITH competitions before. This was her first attempt at poetry… So a massive congratulations to Amber McGlothlin!

Amber’s stirring piece reads as a love letter, both personal and universal. It invited almost unanimous praise from our judges, and is a deserved winner.

So that’s that. I can go out and party now. Don’t forget to check out our awards page. The GREAT BARRIER short list will be up real soon.