Winner Announcement: Less Is Moreish Award

For those interested in maths and stats, this week’s all gentleman-ly three author shortlist was one third the size of last week’s record breaking (and all female) shortlist for the Duets & Duvets Award Part 1. Still, there was no love lost between the competitors in our Culinary Reality Award, where first place was within reach for both author and protagonist, and second person was the starting requirement.

Let’s Recap.

NiTH veteran of realism as satire Sean Crawley found himself at home among the pots and pans (both critical and stoneware) of reality cooking shows with Season 4, Episode 12:

Your plan to impress with a Neuvo-Neolithic-Polynesian-Out of Africa hybrid – sago stuffed hare with wild fruit coulis – was a dead-set semi-final clincher. Now the bunny’s boiled, the wild fruit’s up and gone feral, and the sago … who the fuck would steal the sago!

While NiTH Major Contest champ Ian Harrison returned with the whimsically titled A Moment On The Lips

“If owners look like their dogs,” you remember joking with one of your competitors in the qualifying stages, back when neither of you were sure you’d get through, “that bloke must own the oldest, saddest, bulldog ever.”

All three entrants had to bring second person narration to the table, as well an agent saboteur and sense of foul (or is it fowl) play. Nick Lachmund was born to write about bad things, and bad people, and you’ll find plenty if both in The Cooking Competition

Rachel was your first ‘grown up’ girlfriend. The relationship was great and the sex was even better. However, like many a hot and heavy relationship, the breakup was spectacular.

Winner Announcement

Down to the nitty gritty, with our panel ticking off the taste test on their own unique palettes, leaving us with three entries separated by less than a point.
There was a clear winner though. Please congratulate Nick Lachmund for his brutal critique of broken hearts, busted dreams and roast pigeons. The Cooking Competition.

In other news, over the next week NiTH will be opening up its first Kickstarter for a physical publication, the wonderfully titled Burn, Thrive, Burn features some of our best writers, including several award winners, dishing out stories that tackle identity, individuality and humanity at it’s best and worst. We’re really excited about seeing NiTH authors on paper, so keep an eye on that project as it passes through the Kickstarter approval section.

Also, a few days ago we opened up the opportunity for authors to earn a free novel manuscript read and edit via our referral program. We’ve dropped the advertising model and are instead pursuing a subscription service, where we dish out a couple of new novellas every month to our backers. In exchange, the funds help cover the upkeep, admin and free services we offer. So if you’re burning for a professional edit of one of your manuscripts, check it out here.

That’s all for now. The Duets & Duvets Part 2 shortlist is up and looking like another strong showing from authors bringing conclusions to both their own stories and some others, all on the front page, so make sure you give them a read.



Less Is Moreish Award