Winner Announcement: Less Than Noble Award


With the major comp just wrapping up (see the latest announcement for that here) there was the potential for the Less Than Noble Award to be swallowed up in the shadow of the bigger conterst.

Fortunately that wasn’t the case. Wedged between the major competition and the Don McCrady Invitational, this regular award still drew a flock on entries, including the three we have on the shortlist.

Regina Campbell joined the award with Gossip Gals, a shrewd tale about the secret lives of the women of the CKC (Country Knitters Club). Welcome to the award Regina.

Abhilasha Sharma also joined the award with The Practice, a surprisingly complex and evocative tale about an academic dealing with family and work problems of the hardest kind. It’s always fantastic to see new authors make a big spash and Abhilasha has done just that.

This week, Darajabi Nnamani’s Crumble was our winner, taking first place by two points. Even among other great stories, it’s clear to see why it was the winner. Consider the first lines of the story and then check it out for yourself if you haven’t already.

They say reality sometimes writes the best stories. I don’t agree. Reality sucks. It’s messy and complicated, often goes against our intuition or sense of justice. Real stories are usually not very sexy or intriguing, most of the time they are ordinary. When things go wrong, there is no great spiritual evil pulling the strings, merely a common mixture of human incompetence, bad luck and plain arrogance leading to collapse or catastrophe.

I would know, since I am no evil mastermind yet blood is on my hands too.


Thanks to everyone who participated and to the judges who helped out this time around.

We have a massive shortlist up for the Don McCrady Invitational Award right now, so make sure you check that out on the front page.