Winner Announcement: Logical Peril Award

The idea behind the Logical Peril Award was to motivate authors dramatically. To consider situations where a twist is a compelling narrative choice, or at the very least, have protagonists act in the dark.

One great device authors can use acheive great drama is Dramatic Irony.

Dramatic Irony is when the reader or audience has access to information the characters do not. We observe them acting in a way that is normal, aceeptable or congruent with their character, the irony being if they knew what we knew they might choose differently.

Dramatic irony is a feature of many great stories. From Shakespeare to George RR Martin, writers of every generation use this technique to create a dissonance or uncomfortable paradox in the audience.

Not only do you know the character is making te wrong choice, but you both understand their decisons and are powerless to stop them, creating a compelling circumstance for the reader.

It’s why one story about essentially the same topic as another can be more of a page turner. That need to know more is a product of Dramatic Irony.

Our winner for the Logical Peril Award acheived this through a clever call and response.

Two abhorrent characters, each unlikeable in their own ways, perfect for each other, yesterday in constant and silent conflict.

A critique of share house living? A broader metaphor for relationships? Politicial satire?

It’s not always easy to tell with Nick Lachmund, but what we can tell you is he is the winner for the Logical Peril Award.

Congrats Nick and thanks to everyone who participated. It was a great range of stories.

I know things have slowed down a little lately, but we’ll be getting more awards and shortlists up soon.

Stay tuned!

The Logical Peril Award