“Okay.” I say looking down.

“You will come? You will help me?”

I kiss her bumpy forehead. “I will do whatever it takes.” I answer.

The pregnant clouds above can’t hold onto their weight any longer. They release heavy pieces of snow that begin to cover the corpse we leave behind. The earth will soon be white and new.

Described by one of our judges as “A solid story with a savage little twist I stumbled into like a solid right jab,” these are the final moments of our winning entry. In Crimson Hope author Jewel Shkandriy has delivered on the promise of a story where bad things are done for good reasons. 

Congratulations Jewel. It’s great to see a regular contributors undertaking something new. Crimson Hope and two others will appear on the Grimdark Magazine Website. GdM‘s first issue is out now. Look for our review coming up in a few days.

Thanks to everyone who participated. There were some excellent stories in the short list. SANDRA’S WHAT’S SWIMMING DOWN THERE Award is coming up next. Best of luck to everyone that entered :)