Winner Announcement: Mutually Assured Construction Award

5 excellent stories this week, lets find out who took first place. But first, a recap.


Our five stories this week are:

The Purdah by Shreya Parashar

Shreya has been a consistent presence on the shortlist these past few months. An eye for small details and sense of history beyond generation permeates the Purdah. Rich, lively and taciturn, it’s a delight to see Shreya continue to push personal boundaries with her writing.

Raul’s small real estate business helps him scrape through. A sheep amongst wolves, two months back he had done a big business though he had lost a pound of flesh there, his heart.  Like Bassanio, he was broke and had to sell mansion’s garden front. The dough had quietened moneylenders for sometime.


Read The Purdah and discover for yourself what makes Shreya an author to watch in 2018.

That Generation by J Paul

Our only writer on debut this week, J Paul announced her arrival on the scene with That Generation, a story about the importance of making a connection to beat loneliness. And there’s a dog 🙂

He strained his neck to see the passing world outside. The spotty, gangly teenaged boy left the house across the street. He’d had to complain twice about loud music whilst his parents were away. No consideration! That generation are all the same, me, me me! He grumbled bitterly to himself. Besides, the music disturbed Max.

Read J Paul’s first story on a NiTH shortlist and have your say.

War and Honour by Guy McGivern

Guy McGivern’s caught our attention with short listed stories over the past few weeks. War and Honour is a terse, multi part thriller the Guy has expertly constructed, making the most of a pretty tight word count.

In War and Honour, Guy looks at the lengths to which we might go to in order to secure peace, or power.

‘Jenson is our biggest weakness. Calerenian independence was our predecessor’s mistake and I want both the unoccupied zone for that oil and Calerenia back. Jenson needs gone first. He’s obsessed with saving lives and such nonsense. They’re soldiers, they signed up for this. When he returns from meeting that second rate Kingston, I want him ended.’

Keen on checking out War and Honour? Read Guy’s short listed story before we get to the winner announcement.

Separation Street by James Croker

James Croker puts unlikely neighbours against each other in this tale about coming together to beat the rising tide.

That winter the rain came thick and fast. It was monsoonal in its ferocity and the deluge didn’t stop for days. Dad stubbornly refused to leave the house and disregarded the local firemen’s directive to evacuate. Mum had taken my youngest brothers to her sister’s house on higher land in a neighbouring town.

If you’re dying to know what happens, check out the complete story.

The Middle Seat by Sachin Sharma

Personally, I really enjoyed Sachin’s take on the award this week. The dialogue made me giggle and I felt an instant connection to the characters and circumstances.


What a buffoon? I‘ll shove this arm rest up his hairy Buffon ass’, I shouted in my head and shifted to the vacant aisle seat.

He kept looking at me and said, “What’s wrong sir? You going to attend a funeral?”. His sense of humour was morbid.

“Hey listen Mohammad Ali, I am in no mood for chitty-chatter. So let me sleep and see you in Neverland.” I was reeling with anger.

We looked in opposite directions and slowly a slumbering silence took over the dimmed flight cabin.

We took different paths to get off the flight.

If you haven’t read it yet I strongly urge you to take a look at this excellent story.

Winner Announcement

A great selection of stories this week. Powerful, lyrical and bittersweet. Before we get to the winner, I’d like to congratulate everyone on their great writing, hard work and creativity.

Ok so here we go.

Second place deserves a special mention. Sachin Sharma has shown so much over the past few weeks and probably did enough this week to claim first place, only to miss out by a hair’s breadth. Well done Sachin, I’m sure you’ll claim a win soon!

This week’s winner however is remarkably our debut author.

Please congratulate J Paul for her incredible story, That Generation. J Paul joins a short list of esteemed authors who have won on debut. Congratulations J and look forward to more from you, and our other authors, in the future.

For now though, it’s on wards with the Audition Retribution award.