Winner Announcement: My Neighbour TL:DR Award

Three authors compete for first place in the My Neighbour TL:DR Award, but only one will take first place. Let’s recap…

Olinda Braganza is one to watch over the coming months. Debuting with Redemption, Olinda also has the excellent Mythamorphosis up for consideration in the Mythological and Mundane Award, both worthy of your attention. With Redemption, Olinda provides a neat twist in the tale, the type to inspire and overcome guilt of family secrets.

I dunno if I have time to tell you everything. We go way back, my neighbour and I. There’s a bit of history there, but I never thought they were capable of… This.

Zsak Long returns to the shortlist after a short hiatus with The Madhouse, a tale of apple pies and overwhelming neighbours.

I am sure you will recall my concerns with living next door to a care home, to which you replied that they were ‘a bit of an eccentric bunch, but we should have no problems; they are harmless really.’ Well, Mr Hancock, I can assure you the residents of White Haven Care Home are about as eccentric and harmless as the Manson family!

Zsak’s previously shortlisted stories include Tooth: Hurty and Vanity Air. It’s great to see authors returning to the shortlist over the space of months and even years. Committing to your craft, whether it’s here or elsewhere, is the best way to ensure positive improvement over time.

It’s always a brighter (or should that be darker) shortlist when Joey To shows up. This time, Joey breaks with tradition away from his signature Death character with an email exchange that literally shoots for the moon. Using some neat nesting conventions To shows how to tell a deep story in ‘found footage’ style while sticking to a tight word count. Well done Joey.

You must think I’ve ran off. If I have, then I wouldn’t write this. But then again, you may not get it.

As long as I can keep my phone charged, I’ll keep writing. Maybe it’s the magnetic fields of stars or something supplying power. The fridge is still on.

The twinkling stars do remind me of something. It seems like a slower version of the tree lights blinking. I wonder if these lights serve some navigational purpose…

Winner Announcement

A close race for bronze, silver and gold, but in the end our top story pulled ahead by several points. Please congratulate Zsak Long for his awesome effort, The Madhouse. Funny, fast and effortless, Zsak’s story is a great example of how to write a super short story to a prompt. Well done Zsak and thank you to all our judges and shortlisted authors this week. Don’t miss out on the Mythological and Mundane Award or our next contests, The Romancing the Phone Award and the Dragging Energy Award.

My Neighbour TLDR Award