Winner Announcement: The Mythological and the Mundane Award

It’s been a little bit since we’ve posted a Winners Announcement. The holiday period has taken up a lot of time and catching up on everything hasn’t always been easy. But we’re back in 2019 and ready for another year of fun, fast and friendly short story comps.

2018 was a great year, along with lots of great contests and returning authors, we saw several writers break through and stake their claim. I’m excited to tell you that our winner this time around is an author everyone should keep an eye on, a writer who has impressed greatly in 2018.

I won’t give the usual recap this week, the stories are all incredibly interesting in their own ways. Insightful, illuminating and candid, I personally learned so much about these writers I might never have know otherwise.

I know our judges were impressed too.

But as we say frequently at NiTH, there can only be one winner. This week, it is the enigmatic and lyrical Sachin Sharma!

Sachin’s Found in the Woods placed the author in the middle of history, family, myth, reason and faith. A tremendous accomplishment, this must-read story is the best of a great bunch, and you can read it here.

Well done Sachin, as well as all our shortlisted writers and the judging jury for your tireless efforts.

Stay tuned for more winner announcements, shortlists and short story competitions as we hear you for an awesome 2018.

The Mythological and the Mundane Award