Winner Announcement: The To The Nines Award: Part 2

Otsuchi’s ‘Goth’ is a serial novel about two high school students obsessed with death and murder. Set over a series of ‘mysteries’, it’s a visceral, disturbing and surreal tale that delves into identity and perspective, unfolding more and more with each twist and turn.

Goth is a great example of how to write a novel in many parts. Each ‘mystery’ in Goth could just about stand on it’s own as a short story, yet there’s the overarching story of the novel as well. Why am I writing about Goth? We’ll get to that in a second. First, let’s recap.

Part 2 of ‘To The Nines’ saw every author bar one return to the shortlist (Hope to see you back next time, Sarah!) Daniel Norrish also decided one serial story wasn’t enough, and started a whole new tale from part 1. Norrish will be busy over the next few months, working on his original Accused about a man suspected of murder and his new serial, set in an apocalyptic outback Australia.

Georgia Willis gave us a new perspective with part 2 of Puppy Love and Sophie Macdonald’s Whispering Time upped the creep factor on her spine tingling serialisation about possession, The Old Ones. Meanwhile C R Gardner reveals more about Colonel Sofia Laguna and her mysterious markings in the Two Face Goddess Part 2.

Padraig and Jimmy hunt for more clues in The Tricky Trek Along the Troc Track, the follow up to Ian Harrison’s hard boiled Watertight Alibi and Amy Short continues her dynastic family drama with Wild Swans. And things go a little bit bananas in Lydia Trethewey’s Plantation series, as our undercover reporter enters the compound.

Out winner this week seems to be building to something pretty powerful. Only time will tell if they can deliver on what the first two stories has promised so far, but first place for this week at least goes to Nick Lachmund with Eight. Nick’s casual prose contrasts starkly with the violence running as a undercurrent through the entire series. The latest installment wove a thread of mystery through the prose, opening the story up to bigger things as we progress.

Well done Nick, a thoroughly deserved win!


Burn, Thrive Burn

We’re rounding in to the final stretch for Burn, Thrive Burn. Still, there’s time for anyone looking to pick up a copy and help support our first publication. And while we’re talking all things Kickstarter-y, former NiTH writer Adrian Collins has assembled an outstanding cast of fantasy fiction writers for Evil Is A Matter Of Perspective, an absolute ripper of a publication that you can check out here.

That’s all from me for now. The shortlist for Bertie Beats The Tweets award will be up shortly. Enjoy!