Winner Announcement: To The Nines Award Part 3

A compelling third installment for this week’s shortlist, Part 3 of the To The Nines Award. Let’s recap:

It kicks off with Lydia Trethewey, who inches us deeper into the rabbit hole in the part 3 of the ‘cult classic’ The Plantation.

Ian Harrison gives us a taste of ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Detective Work’ in Dames Are Wild & Turning Up Black, Part 3 of his Noir Is The New Black detective fiction.

Amy Short bridges the gap between what is and what isn’t in part 3 of Where There Is A Will, There Is War, Up In Flames. While C. R. Gardner left our heads spinning, taking what has so far been a close focus fantasy action story and broadening the scope considerably with the introduction of The Grievous One in part 3 of The Two Faced Goddess, Rings.

Georgia Willis’ Puppy Love continues to develop a compelling relationship between two shape shifters. And speaking of pairs, Daniel Norrish is balancing two intriguing series. Accused puts Ben further into this thick of the murder mystery with Pills, while How Dare They! Sees Daniel swap out his usual narrative style for something more frantic and internal.

Finally, Nick Lachmund and Sophie Macdonald both up the gruesome factor with two very different approaches in Seven and Babies In The Snow.

Winner Announcement

No need to mince words today. July is quickly becoming the month of Sophie. Not only is she our feature author, but Ms Macdonald has made it back to back wins with her outstanding Babies In The Snow. The Old Ones Serial is quickly becoming a fan favourite and our judges don’t seem to mind it either.

Well done to Nick Lachmund who came in second and Daniel Norrish (Pills) and Lydia Trethewey who rounded out third place on equal footing.

Each time we return to the ‘To The Nines’ short list there’s something unexpected, surprising, or just down right amazing. Well done everyone for putting in such a fantastic effort. I know I’m not alone when I say we are eagerly anticipating the next round of stories.

Up now, the compelling short list for the Separation Anxiety Award, where we welcome a few new authors in a broad category of stories about things ending and coming apart. You’ll find tragedy and comedy in equal mix this week, so make sure you give it a peek.

Finally, there’s a special reward for Patrons been up since yesterday. If you want to know what it is, head here.

See you next week everyone!