Winner Announcement: To The Nines Part 1

In which we talk Part 1 of the To The Nines Award, plus updates on new publications both digital and physical.

Apologies for the delay folks, a bout of killer flu has bedridden your honourable editor. It’s been a rough week, but there’s plenty to talk about. Without further ado, let’s get to the winner.


Winner Announcement

The To The Nines Award was conceived off the back of the popular ‘Trilogy’ and ‘Duets and Duvets’ Awards. By offering authors the chance to create longer stories in a serialised structure, we’re giving writers who want something larger to aim at an interesting target to hit.

Part 1 has set the stage remarkably, with a diverse range of stories covering a number of genres, from the gritty and supernatural noir of Ian Harrison and Sarah Henry to urban fantasy of CR Gardener’s Two-Faced Goddess and the literary aesthetics of Lydia Trethewey’s The Plantation.

Amy Short introduces us to dynastic tensions, while Nick Lachmund is typically brutal in his portrayal of a bloody and sordid history of a small Australian town. Sophie MacDonald conjures supernatural horror with the creeping (and creepy) Old Ones, and Georgia Willis deconstructs a wolfish urban fantasy trope with Puppy Love.

Our winner for part 1 succeeded in not only telling a great story, but leaving us desperately excited for part 2. Please congratulate Sophie Macdonald for her fantastically creepy One Of Nine! Conjuring classics like The Exorcist’ & ‘The Omen’ Sophie’s read is sure to send a chill down your spine. Read it and all the shortlisted entries here.

Burn, Thrive Burn Kickstarter

Probably the most important announcement this week. Our first print publication is up on KS! Check it out and help make Burn, Thrive, Burn a reality. You’ll be helping authors just like you take one small step along the journey to publishing success.

Patreon Update

Just a quick update for NiTH Patrons, were about halfway through the serialisation of Strange Days, with not one but two new serials kicking off this weekend.

Foxfire Guild is a picaresque fantasy novella about a group of adventures who have to overcome crippling self doubt and anxiety about their place in the kingdom. It’s a funny, satirical and action filled romp penned by Sally Brown.

And Act 1 of Sunjay Williams Hotel Panama will be out as well. HP is an interactive story, written in the second person, where readers get to make choices on the narrative direction, for better or worse.

Ticket Giveaway & Deadlines

Deadline is fast approaching for the Weekend comp, the Wood Be Good Award. So fsr there haven’t been any takers, so if you know someone in Wollongong who might want a couple of free tickets, let them know, otherwise we’ll just gift the tickets to someone ourselves.

Sunday is also the deadline for the Grande, Vast, Brief Award is fast approaching. We ask writers to create a grand story on a tiny scale. The stories we’ve received so far are really good, so best bring you A game if your planning on entering.

Thank is for reading guys. This week we published an interesting shortlist, All Tomorrow’s Barbies pits two pairs of authors against each other, and the approach to writing collaborative stories is really interesting.

Until next Winner Announcement


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