Winner Announcement: To The Nines Part 7

Let’s get straight to it shall we, a tie for first place in the To The Nines Award: Part 7, sees one likely lad and one wolfish writer share top spot in this week’s winner announcement.

No it wasn’t Sophie L Macdonald at the top this time, as much as we’ve become accustomed to seeing the scribe take her fair share of the spoils in recent weeks (and months). Sophie finished in second place by the hugely small margin of  0.3 points.

Close, but no cigarillo, Sophie.

Daniel Norrish shared third place with himself, both episodes for his twin serials finishing just over a point behind Sophie, while Ian, Lydia and C.R. all finished within a hair’s breadth of each other, and around three points shy of first place.

While Nick Lachmund is no stranger to first place, particularly in the To The Nines Serial (Well done, Nick), it’s with great pleasure to announce Georgia Willis as an equal first place finalist in this week’s contest!

I believe this is Georgia’s first win, and it’s great to see things paying off for the writer. Puppy Love has really stayed the course, a close told romantic fable of changelings that looks as comfortable on this week’s WOLVES shortlist as it does on To The Nines. Congrats Georgia on a great entry!

Website Changes

You may have notices a couple of changes here and there with fonts and layouts around the website. I’m working on making the front page a clearer and simpler, so it might take a few passes until we get it just right. We might also move to a different theme altogether, though it shouldn’t change much for writers or readers if we do. If you notice something weird, or broken, or just don’t like, please let us know. Also, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Enjoy this week’s shortlist for WOLVES, it’s mighty impressive and I’m personally loving the serial awards and seeing authors go longer, week in, week out We’ll try and get a stand along comp up this week for authors who just want to dip their toes. In the meantime, the penultimate brief for To The Nines will be up momentarily.

There’s been a lot going over the past six months at NiTH. Lots of new productions in place. We climbed a hill and found a mountain behind it. Now it’s time to strap on those snow boots and start scaling.