Winner Announcement: To Pant Or Not To Pant Award

The To Pant Or Not To Pant Award is a one shot contest that asked writers to “create a piece of flash fiction that looks at some kind of real life paradox and use it as the catalyst for conflict among your characters.”

We also asked that you include a missing pair of pants.

Let’s recap the shortlist

First up we welcome Hansmita on debut. Little Sacrifices is a short vignette about price of progress as a family waits in line at an ATM in India, ruminating on the inconveniences of the convenience economy.

This is an operation! A bloody war to cure corruption.’ Boomed Uncle Johnny over my head ‘A test of a true Indian. This line for ATM is a small sacrifice for the sake of a prosperous India.’ Someone coughed severely behind us.

Ash Warren is finding his feet and his form again. After a long hiatus Warren has put together a string of tales that have wowed the judges. In Vellichor, much like Hansmita explored the irony of convenience, Warren challenges the kind of life one has (or doesn’t have) when you commit to other people’s stories.

This place had been his life, the life of someone who thought all the meaningless, forgotten volumes on these shelves were somehow more important than her. She had never forgiven him for that.

After a couple of years in the wilderness (presumably working on her book) Maya Spore has returned to the fold with This Isn’t About The Sock. A satirical slice of contemporary romance in the humdrum of the everyday. It’s a strong return for European author, earning second place in the eyes of the judges. Welcome back Maya.

It was impressive how he always managed to find the exact words to piss me off. “So, just because I am a woman, I’m supposed to do laundry?”

“But you’re always doing laundry, aren’t you?”

And you’re always missing my points.

Lavinia Simson tackles fashion versus functionality and anti-media in A Lost Generation

“No Claire, and speaking of Facebook, I don’t appreciate your pretentious Gandhi-like quotes like we need an education in existential bullshit. No offense, but you just cut and paste that shit anyhow.”

The table was speechless.

“See? We don’t talk to each other, only about ourselves.”

Winner Announcement

It’s with no small grin on our faces that we announce our winner this week. This story made us laughingly relate with a simple, straightforward and perfectly modern story about the small strifes of the remote worker’s life. Aptly titled Flexible Working Arrangements.

Jim rolled over in bed, towards the irritating buzzing. He shoved his mobile in the drawer. For God’s sake, couldn’t they leave him alone? It was only… he inched one eye open, the room was bright! He fished out the phone. 9am. No wonder they were buzzing.

Congratulations Sarah on a win well earned, and so quickly after joining us! Also a big thank you to our judges who were excellent as always. Up now, part 3 of the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award.