Winner Announcement: Part 5

We passed the halfway point of the To The Nines Award with a cracking selection of stories for our serial award, you all know the usual suspects plying their unique stories, we’ve covered just about every major genre, from horror and thriller, to detective fiction, paranormal fantasy, literary fiction, fantasy and more. So rather than recap before we get to the winner, let’s check out what’s up this week for the Eighth Wonder Award.

Eighth Wonder Shortlist

John Falconer dips his toes again into the short list with Lothar Lanz, a dark morality tale of new discoveries, both within and without.

Lydia Trethewey’s The Devil’s Roar pitches two adventurers in an explosive search into the unknown, while Sophie Macdonald’s Immortality Kills completes the trifecta of dairing pairings in search of something greater.

Tobias Madden’s The Other Seven puts a modern technological spin on the award, with a showing that would not have been out of place in our recent Poke The Mango Award, and deft wordsmith Andrew Szemeredy hunts rapaciously for his first win with Taboo, a picaresque romp into mythic history.

We also welcome two newcomers this week.

Jon Marks marks his first story at NiTH with a moody character study in Finding, Falling, while Daryn Govender takes us into the deep blue with the action driven sub-venture The Pizza.

Welcome to the short list Jon and Daryn, and best of luck o everyone for the upcoming award.

Winner Announcement

Despite good showings from all the authors who still remain in the To The Nines Short List, a pattern is clearly emerging. Congratulations to Nick Lachmund! Part 5 of The Nine Greatest Deaths in the History of Marsden Creek continues to fill in the pieces of a small town with big secrets and even bigger bloodbaths. Well done Nick!

If you missed the boat on the To The Nines Award. but are interested in serial fiction writing, don’t fret. we’ve got two more serial awards starting over the next few weeks, Wolves and Flintlocks & Folly. Check them both out at the short story contests page.

That’s all from us for this week. Check out the stories on the short list and don’t forget to keep supporting NiTH!