Winner Announcement: Porcupines Need Love Too Award

Writing Contest Character Study

Three lonely hearts faced off in the Porcupines Need Love Too Award, A Character Study where writers were challenged to write about a character that had trouble connecting with others.

Smaller short lists mean a better chance of coming first, but they also mean tougher scrutiny from the judges. When we tallied out the scores, two stories tied for second, only a single point behind first place.

Lydia Trethewey’s Pterodactyl In My Pocket took us through the modern anxieties of airport travel and the dehumanisation of mass security, to find some common ground in childhood experience.

Ash Warren’s The New Vernacular of Marta Ortiz is a cheeky, unlikely and unrequited love romp in a three different languages, one of them fictional.

While newcomer Callum Bradley combined action, iconography and multiple perspectives to question motivation, belief and morality in a challenging story that had the judges heaping praise in their feedback.

All three stories are great examples of what can be achieved in less than 1000 words, real stories, real characters, real plots.

Our winner this week (by a single point) is someone who has pursued the short list with almost an unstoppable verve over the past couple of months, constantly prepared to step out of their comfort zone and tackle new prompts and challenges.

Please take the time to congratulate Lydia Trethewey on an excellent victory in a closely contested competition.

Lydia only joined us a month ago, but has already notched up two wins and is quickly climbing the ladder on our Leaderboard.

Well done Lydia, and also well done Ash and Callum for strong showings.

All short listed authors receive feedback on their stories by request, and we’ll have more awesome fiction tomorrow with the short list for the Animate Material Award.

In the meantime, our first anthology eBook is out for NiTH Community Members with original works by some of NiTH’s best and brightest. Grab your free copy from the NiTH Forums and take a look.