Winner Announcement | Prognosis Negative Writing Award

Four great short stories for this contest, but only one can take out first place. Find out which was the winning story in this week’s award.

Winner Announcement | The PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE Writing Competition


Congratulations to everyone who made this week’s short list. Four top stories that tapped into characterisations that were emotional and surprising.

Newcomer Nellie Bly kicked off our short list this week with an impassioned vignette of internal trauma. A big welcome to Nellie and we look forward to seeing more in the future.

Following up was the quirky deadpan prose of Maki Morita’s Blue Dot. Great to see Maki back on the short list. Her last story was back in 2013 with The Day After Harry Died. In both stories, the author shows a keen ear for dialogue and a satirical, lyrical prose that’s enjoyable to read. Well done Maki.

But it was Daniel Norrish and Sara Difancesco (on NiTH debut) that impressed this week’s judges the most.

Sara DiFrancesco’s Parking Lot demonstrated a knack for flash fiction story telling, moving the tone and setting through several modes with effortlessness despite the tight word limit, while Daniel’s Blood Test went straight for the jugular, or maybe the heart strings. Not for the first time, Norrish makes use of second person to place the reader firmly into the scene. It’s a difficult perspective, but one that he is quickly mastering.

Winner Announcement

A big thanks to all our writers and judges this week. If you made the short list and are after some feedback, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you 🙂

Our Winner this week demonstrated all the hallmarks of a great short story. With a keen eye for tone, unique dialogue, shifts in setting, and a nice little surprise at the end. Congratulations to Sara DiFrancesco for her story Parking Lot!!!

Sara’s win continues the recent trend of authors winning on debut. We look forward to all our writers continuing to develop and write great stories over the next set of contests.

Today we also have a couple of tidbits that will be of interest to authors all over. As promised, I’ve put together an article on Unreliable Narrators, a popular and useful set of techniques for narrative fiction. While Talia has been busy with a roundtable discussion involving some of NiTH’s most active judges. It’s a real insight into what makes them tick. and what sorts of things they look for in judging winning stories. If you’re in need of a bit of direction for your next short story, I strongly recommend checking it out.