Winner Announcement: Romance Alliance Award

After much deliberation from our excellent judges the winner is in. Let’s recap:


Love & Duty | CR Gardner

In a battle between powerful magics, the power of love is the difference between night and day.

Angry buzzing filled the sky. Maran threw a ball of silver light into the air. The world turned white. Nighters flowed towards Sanctuary, not from the plains, but from the hills behind, the skies above and the sea.

My Wedding Day | Nick Lachmund

Two powerful families unite around an arranged marriage. But when bonds hinge on the love of family planning, things don’t always go as expected.

As the music begins, I look over at my younger brother. He beams at me. He is still young enough to believe in fairy tales and monsters and happy marriages. I return his smile as my concentration turns back to the aisle. My bride is approaching.

Bitter Sweet | Iain D Chalmers

The backseat of a limousine is the setting for this powerful modern drama.

She confided in me that she did writing for herself, short stories mainly, and she would let me read them. I loved them and my enthusiasm spurned her on. She plucked up courage to show them to smarmy Simon.

‘They’re crap love! No one would want to read this stuff. Stick to what your good at’

But I could see she was outgrowing him. It was only a matter of time before the penny dropped.

Winner Announcement

With 3 strong entries it was bound to be a close call. Second and third place were separated by only a point, but the winner today showed they had more than enough to claim first place. Not his first victory by a long shot, but a well deserved one. Please congratulate Nick Lachmund for his winning story ‘Wedding Day’. Likened to a George R.R. Martin plot, it was favoured across the board by the judges. Well done Nick!

Thanks as always to our judges and writers for making the contest great. We’ll have a new shortlist up soon. And if you’re thinking of taking a crack on a story of your own, make sure you check out our short story contests here.

Romance Alliance Award