Winner Announcement | Shirt Story Contest

Winner Announcement | SHIRT STORY Short Story Contest


The Short List

A diverse, often quirky and poignant short list. Stories that read like modern fables, satire, a few laughs to be had as well.

Daniel Norrish gave us Blousey McTanktop, an oddball comedy murder mystery where the apparently innocent apparel might just be the fabric of the whole operation. (These puns will continue at length)

Sean Crawley takes us to Sydney where two hipster brothers make magic happen on the runway… Literally, while Rebecca McDowell brings us Shirtless, a comic mystery with two unlikely thieves.

John Dann makes his NiTH debut with something a little special. Garson is a bit of a loser, a man with few skills and a lot of problems… Or so it would seem.

Lastly, recent rising star Ash Warren becomes that first author to make the short list for a contest twice, with Collared and Material Girl. The latter a tongue in cheek love ode, the former a conflicting POV in same shared universe.

All of stories this week were well written and interesting. Thanks to everyone who competed. Any authors looking for feedback, regardless of if you made the short list or not, please drop us an email at needleinthehaywritingcomp (at) gmail and we’ll get you some notes from the judges.


Now onto the winner!

Winner Announcement

We’re delighted this week to announce a new face as this weeks winner, someone who moulded an unexpectedly dark and moving story from a pretty light-hearted prompt. Congratulations to John Dann for A Stitch Sense!

John joins the hallowed list of winners, to be forever remembered as NiTH’s champion… At least until the next award rolls by.

Speaking if which. The PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE short list is up next. There’s even a story called Rochelle Rochelle for you Seinfeld Fans out there.

Thanks for your continued support. As someone pointed out to me this week a lot of websites start out as labours of love but quickly fade away. I’m glad we’re still going strong well into our third year!

Some might say that we’re all winners.

But to be perfectly accurate, today that honour belongs to John Dann.



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