Winner Announcement: Spooky Jelly + Insufficient Credit Award

This week we’re doing two winner announcements, so strap yourself in as we announce winners for both the Spooky Jelly and Insufficient Credit Award

Spooky Jelly Award

Three authors summoned up tales about sexy frightens, including one author on debut.

  • In Wicked Games by Sachin Sharma an amnesiac searches for traces of her past at a Halloween Party.
  • In Dance with Death by Nathan Godfrey compiles a compelling piece of deathly romance.
  • While in Brouhaha party romance flourishes in pajamas.

Spooky Jelly Award Winner Announcement

A closely fought three way fight, our judges ultimately chose Dance with Death by newcomer Nathan Godfrey as the winner. Congrats Nathan and welcome to Needle In The Hay.

The Insufficient Credit Award

It was great to see such a large shortlist for the Patreon story for this week. Here’s a quick breakdown of the tales. Remember, every shortlisted author gets a cut of the Patreon Prize.

  • The Prisoner by Nick Lachmund is the gritty story of what one unemployed man will do to get his life back on track.
  • Emotional Intelligence by Jeanette Stampone is the complex tale of the search for identity.
  • Shaking off the Prime introduced us to S. Beaton, an finely poised set piece that begs a second reading.
  • A Change in Circumstance imagines a dystopia where one character makes the best out of a bad situation
  • Circumversio questions the benevolence of an omniscient AI
  • Death by Numbers introduces us to Mohammad Hassan as two friends blur the line between friendly competition and fight to the death.

Winner for the Insufficient Credit Award

It was a broad scope of stories for this award, several tales competing for top spot. While it was hard to split them, veteran Jeanette Stampone took first place for her reflective and bittersweet Emotional Intelligence.

When she’s not writing award winning short fiction, Jeanette frequently volunteers her time as a Needle In the Hay judge. So if you’re looking to improve your writing, maybe giving a bit of feedback to others might be just the ticket. Drop us a line at needleinthehaywritingcomp (@) gmail-dot-com if you’re interested.

Thanks for everyone who competed and keep an eye out for your feedback in the inbox. See you on the next winner announcement.