Winner Announcement: The Animated Material Contest

Three authors made the short list this week, but not just any three. A triple threat of high ranking favourites, with leaderboard legend Debb Bouch making a comeback in an attempt to stave off rising star Lydia Trethewey and the indelible fan favourite Joey To.

All three showed an understanding of the breif, delivering on the promise of a tale of an animated object brought to life.

It Means Jack is classic Joey. Intersecting the quirk of Terry Pratchett with the class tension and humour of Irvine Welsh. A Jackhammer brought to life, with a thirst for retribution.

Debb Bouch has shown before that magicial realism is something she’s more than comfortable with. Melusine shifts perspectives, the grand first person voice of the animated material contrasting with the everyday omniscience of third person. Melusine opens with ‘Three capfuls of Cleaning Magic should do it,’ a wryly clever opening line in a story that makes you want to keep reading long after the story has ended.

“Lydia’s on fire!”

So said one of our judges this week. If you’ve been reading the shortlists at all lately you’d know that Ms Trethewey has been an ever present figure. Slippery Vengeance tells the story of a mysteriously animated piece of soap looking for retribution. Lydia’s pacing is perfect, with a characteristic irony (the soap describes its skin as ‘dry and cracked’ – amazing) and a voice imbued with personality and motivation.

Well done to all our writers this week. It was a closely contested competition with favourites spread out across the judges and our forum vote.
Our Winning story a close margin is Slippery Vengeance by Lydia Trethewey.

Well done Lydia. This win takes NiTH’s newest superstar within touching distance of first place on the Leaderboard. A great achievement for someone who only showed up a few months ago.

Congratulations to everyone who enteted,. Our shortlist for the Sun and Moon Fantasy Competition will be up tomorrow. If you’re looking for something to write, check our the Engineers Do It In Their Overalls Award, a contest for fans of structure and structures.

Stay tuned also for our next Judges Roundtable, focused on setting. There will be more Bugout Serial Fiction on Wednesday and our first Choose Your Own Adventure Short Story will be popping up later in the week as well. Fun!

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