Winner Announcement | The Holiday Seasoning Award


This week we saw a smaller short list, with only three authors listed, all of them previous winners at NiTH.

In Season’s Reekings, Alicia Bruzzone shows us how to hide from Stink Nick:

Being female I need to be extra repellent: that’s what being made of sugar and spice and all things nice gets you. Melanie looks smug as my mother selects our first item for The Seasoning. A rotten potato only the way it makes my eyes water means something more. Gross, they marinated it in cat piss.

While Nick Lachmund took a more traditional approach to horror in Chloe’s Nightmare:

A razor blade being held between an index finger and a thumb. The blade runs silently down my thigh. The skin opens in the middle. A line appears but it doesn’t bleed. The wound opens and my flesh is exposed. No pain.

Current Leaderboard Champ Lydia Trethewey rounded out our dastardly three with X,  a satirically potent dig at consumerism in the zombie horror tradition:

I inch up to the window. Huddled bodies press forward beneath the roof. Breath in, breath out. Then I see her, small rounded face shining like the moon between knitted red jumpers and festive angel-wing broaches. Sweet dimpled cheeks and mousy brown hair combed into a neat fringe. Her eyes no longer alive with curiosity, but deadened with the weight of materialist tradition.
My Molly, my darling girl. What have they done to you?

Winner Announcement

All three short listers this week are previous winners at NiTH, so it should come as no surprise that competition is fierce at the pointy end, so thanks to our judges for their consideration, comments, and the hard work they put in every week.

Our winner has shown previously that they are a capable author with an incredible handle on flash fiction, often managing to carry off a plot with interesting characters, humour and the occasional twist all at once… This time around was no exception.

Please congratulate Alicia Bruzzone for her win with ‘Season’s Reekings’!

This is Alicia’s fourth win, which puts her right in the mix at equal 2nd with Ash Warren, Debb Bouch and Amber Fernie, and only a handful of wins away from top spot.

Alicia has made leaps and bounds after only coming to NiTH two months ago with the outstanding ‘Identifying Ogres’. That’s quite a leap in such a short space of time. Congratulations Alicia, you’re an inspiration to writers everywhere!
Coming up later today, the short list for the Space Travel Die Award.