Choosing a winner is never easy.

In fact, it can be downright impossible.

At Needle we use different judges for every award. Former winners, short listers, friends, people we meet on the street. We believe that everyone’s voice should be heard, and that doesn’t just mean for writers.

Still, choosing is never easy.

Third place this week goes to “The Choice”


Needle turned two recently.  In those 24 months we’ve seen some wonderful stories pass through the short lists. Debb Bouch’s Troika is no different, taking out a close second with a moving triple edit.


Our winner this week engaged the spirit of the award  with a unique and entertaining vingette. Both comical and poignant, it’s pleasing to see this author’s recent efforts haven’t been in vain.

Congratulations to Charlie Novak for his story ‘The Palace’.

Charlie joins the illustrious group of Needle winners past and present. Many of whom have gone on to successful careers as “Poofs, queers and trannies.”

Check our Charlie’s winning entry here. And make sure you scope the Awards and Collaborations page for the new awards we’ve dropped as part of our birthday celebrations.


Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay glued to the webpage for the NORMAL SUCCESS! short list coming up real soon.

(Actually though, maybe don’t stay too glued to the screen, you look like you could use some air.)