Winner Announcement: Trilogy Award Part 3

A twist in the tale for part 3 of the trilogy award, with authors taking on existing trilogies from their peers. Let’s recap!

In Part 3 of Just Another Wednesday Afternoon, C R Gardner seems a perfect fit bringing her trademark action driven narrative and call and response dialogue to the stunning conclusion of Alicia Bruzzone’s school hall urban fantasy.

Cam laughed, catching me in his blue eyed stare, “Not even close, Adeline. Maybe you’re not as talented as your sister, but I’d heard that Evangeline is what you’d call a freak. Her abilities do not fall in the normal range. Your abilities, however, are at the high end of normal. You’re very talented, Adeline.”

“So you’re training me because I was an Épée de la Faucon without a sword?”

“That was my original reason.”

“And now?”

“Because I get to spend time with you.”

This week we welcomed Tobias Madden back to the short list. Both he and perennial satirist Sean Crawley took on Nick Lachmund’s chilling Kookaburra College Cycle, with markedly different executions.

Tobias concludes the cycle with a letter exchange between Karen and Peter that make us rethink what we knew about the students at Kookaburra College:

Speaking of men… I’ve been seeing someone too. We’re not, you know, officially dating or anything, it’s mainly ‘physical’? VERY physical.

While Sean assailed us with a spiral of sexual violence, drug addiction and unresolved trauma.

By the time his new mate Daniel left for Indo, Peter had a cracking speed habit and all the contacts he needed to keep himself high. Sure he would crash and burn every once and a while, and his dad questioned what hell was going on. But Mum protected him and fed him soup so he could regain enough strength and get back to work. She even gave him her Honda Prelude as a permanent loan of sorts.

And if you’re keen to see how Nick thought it should have ended, you can read his version here.

Not one to be left out of an interesting competition, Alicia Bruzzone picked up where Barry Quinn left off, introducing a Jovian mythology to this Sci FI opera:

Ursula forged ahead while Oscar’s knees buckled in astounded supplication. Humanoid in appearance, the race they had travelled half a solar system to greet appeared to be led by a figure bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Roman god Jupiter. His head was caressed by a mop of silver ringlets, tangling into a roguish beard that nestled on a bare chest. He stood two heads taller than the rest of the Jovians in the welcoming party

Meanwhile Barry’s official version of events can be found at his website.

Lydia Trethewey found her way onto the short list, no surprise there. What did come as a surprise was who she chose for part three, teaming up with fellow antipodean Sean Crawley to put an end to his alliteration cycle, aptly titled Dinner, Despair & Debbie, we find things haven’t gotten much better for our friend. Also, you can check out the ‘official’ version of events by Sean Crawley aptly titled Directorship, Dinner & Diarrhoea

The noodles cross the threshold from a hard dense pack into a lump of mush and I fish them out onto a piece of semi-frozen white bread. A can of beer from the fridge finds its way automatically into my hand.
I sit with the laptop on my knees clicking through endless pages of crap. Another email from Centrelink, saying that I’d failed to attend a meeting I didn’t know I had. If I didn’t come in tomorrow they would cease my payments.
Life continues to surprise me with its fresh humiliations.

Finally Chinthaka Nanayakkara threw us a curveball with Two Yards Below Part 2, picking up on the claustrophobic crime thriller from Amy Short way back in Part 1 of the award, and elaborating on a global scale. Working in tandem the Sri Lankan and Australian intelligence divisions work to bring down a lunatic biologist who feeds his victims to giant earth worms

Blasting an iron safe they pulled out its drawers stacked with research papers. The documents described the importance of Gippsland Earthworms as an endangered species, how fast they are becoming extinct and why it is so urgent to find an alternative means for their survival.
One chilling alternative was to introduce them to a different kind of food.

Winner Announcement

Very excited this week for a couple of reasons. We’ve launched our Patreon Campaign where you can score free books, and because this week’s winner is a first time first placer. Please ongratulate the wonderful and inventive C R Gardner!

If you’ve been  paying attention these last few months you’ll have noted an uptick in powerful fantasy stories with great action and imagination. Gardner has been at the forefront of this movement and it’s a well deserved victory for the author.

Congrats C R, you win an edit of up to 5000 words of original manuscript.

This week we see a show down between two of NiTH’s most powerful writers, as Lydia Trethewey and Alicia Bruzzone go head to head for the Soup Heroes Award. And we have two more interested awards coming up this afternoon, so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, take a look at our Patreon Campaign and let me know what you think.

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  1. Congrats C R! I’m a sucker for a bit of fantasy,and you’ve executed it superbly. Awesome Part III 🙂

    1. Thanks Tobias. I am having a lot of fun writing these stories, and I have to thank my hubby too as he helps me with the edits – we have a lot of fun working together

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