It’s no secret that for decades publishing houses have been cheating the system. A quick google of ‘best seller scandal’ returns over 5 million results detailing plot after pot of publishers and their cohorts cheating the system by bulk purchasing their own books to improve their ranking, or employing other companies to do so in their stead.

So next time a major author or publisher bemoans the failing sales or ‘industry crisis’ maybe they should look inwards. After all, they’ve only got themselves to blame.


After much consideration, bribery, gratuity and schmoozing, we can release the winner for the VISIONS OF 2020 Award.

Congratulations to Joey To. Joey’s ‘Uranus Journal’ is a tongue-in-cheek (which cheek? -Ed) deliberation on current trends. Absurdist, but still relevant. As one judge described it:

“I really liked the commitment to the futuristic, galaxy-spanning aspect, set just five years in the future. It was very cynical, in a good way. Favorite line – “…nonetheless suitable as tinder or a dust-collecting paperweight”. Nice job.”

Congratulations Joey and a big thank you to all our participants for the first award of 2015.

The BECHAMEL  TEST Short List is up now. A half dozen good eggs, lightly beaten, you can find them all here.