Winner Announcement: WOLVES I: Who Lives?

Last week we kicked off the Wolves Serial Award, an opportunity for authors to write multi-part stories about loners, changelings, packs, territory, and all things lupine.

It proved to be a popular award, with close to 20 submissions and 7 shortlisted authors taking up the challenge with a diverse array tales, stories and mythologies.

Behind the Scenes Benefits

Usually working away behind the scenes, it was great to see both Madeline Pettet and Jeanette Stampone step up. Madeline’s Amazing Grace reunites us with Sadie from her Burn, Thrive, Burn story Good Girl in a tale about growing up different, while Jeanette brought us Hunted: Part 1, a story about a boy who makes a startling discovery about his family on a hunting trip with his Father.

Jeanette has been participating in our Mastering Flash Fiction course over the past few weeks, and used some of the modules to develop Hunted, which is probably why it’s such an excellent story!

Titans Collide

Ian Harrison and Lydia Trethewey are seemingly perennial shortlisted authors, showing up every week to throw the gauntlet down. Lydia’s Wolf In The Bay kicks off with style, drawing us into the story with an immersive setting, compelling characters and just a hint of mystery behind the veil.

Ian Harrison’s Change of Heart is quite a different sort of tale. Conditions of the heart take precedence in this epistolary story of diary entries that span two decades in the life of one young girl. Ian’s choice to skip ahead in the timeline has us all wondering what’s to come, and what have we missed!

Real Life Drama

Newcomer Daryn Govender jumps back ino the fray with his second story for the NiTH short list. The Forest is a close focus introduction into the mystery of the serial, Govender slowly building the momentum as we follow Alan through a routine drive home through the woods, until he encounters a tree fallen across the road.

Tobias Madden took us to the drama of high school life in Wolf Pack 1: Food Chain. Tobias’ Mean Girls approach is a unique and entertaining approach to brief with an ending that has us salivating, wolf-like, for more.

Head of the pack

Our winner this week combined the best elements of many of the shortlisted stories into a howling story of the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Feed by Cam Dang takes first spot in part 1 of the Wolves Award. Congratulations Cam! It’s great to see the Victoria, Australia based author on the short list, characters always larger than life, yet relatable in their desires, conflicts and drama.

Well done Cam, we look forward to seeing you and the other authors cook up for the next edition of Wolves.

Other Stuff

I recently got sucked into Snakewood, the debut novel by Englishman Adrian Selby. A revenge tale about a group of mercenaries hunted by a mysterious assassin decades after they parted ways, it’s been described as ‘experimental’ in it’s approach, using first person diary entries, letters and epistolary accounts to wave a tragic tale of deceit with plenty of action, slang and world building.

Snakewood’s most interesting element is the world’s approach to ‘plant’. Various herbs and plant matter can be combined into mixes that provide superhuman strength and abilities, just like Super Mario. It’s a great concept that works really well in the world. You can check out the full review here.

We’ve also just put up the Moving Foward report, which you can see in the sidebar, so if you’re interested in where we are heading in 2017, give it a peek.

Finally, WOLVES II is up now, so if you’re planning on entering, give it a peek. If you didn’t make it onto the short list for part 1, you can still try your luck at part 2, just be sure to provide us with a part 1 to publish as well.

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