Winner Announcement: WOLVES Part 2

Hello lovely lupines. Today we find out who won Part 2 of the WOLVES Award.

A Pack Of Changelings

It was a surprise to see Lydia Trethewey drop out of the race last week, the normally prolific author insists she’ll be back for part 3, but was simply unhappy with how the second episode of Wolf In The Bay was shaping up as the deadline approached.

Fortunately C. R. Gardner was there to bring us something new. The Long Winter is a typically Gardener-esque fable of mythic action and romance and we’re not surprised that she decided to join us on this short list. WOLVES seems almost tailor made for our favourite fantasy author.

Gardner, Madeline Pettet and Cam Dang all offering us up different takes on the changeling. Unsurprisingly, all finished within a point of each other. Meanwhile Daryn Govender is proving to be a new author who can go the distance. Part 2 of The Forest picks up right where part 1 left off, an intriguing mystery slowly boiling towards something more.

A Change Of Style

Ian Harrison’s recent forays into a style of writing best described as ‘noir’ have stood out stylistically on the short list. His ‘Noir Is The New Black’ series for the To The Nines Award seems to have paved the way for A Change of Heart, an epistolary account of a young lady with a heart condition. Ian uses snippets from a diary to present us with an pastiche of events that help build the picture of a complete life with revelations, disappointments and ongoing tension. Ian snagged second place this week, a close runner up in a tightly fought contest.

Winner Announcement

This week’s winner spends most of their NiTH energy behind the scenes, working as a senior judge in our panel. Volunteering with Needle In The Hay does have its own benefits. Invited (among others) to be part of a recent ‘Mastering Flash Fiction‘ Course, it was here they they began developing what would eventually become ‘Hunted’.

Congratulations to Jeannette Stampone on her win this week! Hunted is a claustrophobic look at a family torn apart by a terrible history that unravels as we read.

Well done Jeanette!

New briefs for both WOLVES and Flintlock & Folly awards are up now, and the shortlist (or Flintlist as we’re calling it) for F&F is up now. Make sure you check it out.

That’s all from me for now. Catch you next time!