Winner Announcement: Wood Be Good Award & All Tomorrow’s Barbies Award

Two winner announcements, fun prizes and a bunch of cool stuff!

Winner Announcement: The Wood Be Good Award

Early last week we received a delightful surprise, not only was the Wollongong Writer’s Festival hosting award winning Australian author Charlotte Wood, but they were also offering us a couple of free tickets to giveaway to a lucky someone.

Because it’s NiTH, we had to turn it into an award. Three authors came out of the woods, looking to snare first place.

Finding herself somewhat a regular on the shortlist these days, Amy Short kicked things off with Madison Avenue, a flash fiction about a flashy visitor who finds the dreary place she once called home had undergone a stunning makeover.

Amy was joined on the shortlist by two newcomers to Needle In The Hay. Moira Kirkwood and Dee Ashcroft. Kirkwood’s Lost & Found takes the average suburban neighbourhood, comfortably oblivious, and opens its eyes with a dash of magical realism brought about by the pixie-ish Piper. Ashcroft’s Backsliders slaps the cuffs on with real life fashion police, where footwear stands for etiquette and etiquette makes war with culture.

Our winner for this award edged out the competition by a fraction of a point. Please congratulate Dee Ashcroft with her story Backsliders! Dee wins two tickets to see Charlotee WOod in Wollongong for the Wollongong Writer’s Festival. Congrats Dee!

Winner Announcement: All Tomorrow’s Barbies

Our weekly award was a bit unusual. Authors were asked to pair up with a writing partner and submit a story with a couple of quirky requirements. It’s not surprising that only two teams qualified for the short list, but it did make for an interesting head to head competition. A game of doubles, but who could hold take the fifth set?

Bianca McMaster and Deborah Stanbridge brought us Grandpa Henry, a story about memory and the present, where both authors seamlessly wove their part of the tale into a single narrative.

Meanwhile Arianna Carrington & Sophie Macdonald delivered Annabelle’s Feast, a hauntingly camp horror tale where neither narrator seems to put a foot right.

Our winners for All Tomorrow’s Barbies Award are Sophie Macdonald & Arianna Carrington. Arianna sure knows how to pick a winning partner, teaming up with on of 2016’s hottest authors. It seems everything Sophie touches turns to gold. Congrats to both you of you, and condolences to McMaster and Stanbridge. Something tells me Grandpa Henry will have his day.

Hotel Panama Kicks Off!

Our third Patreon exclusive novella kicked off today. Hotel Panama is an interactive novella that places the reader in the center of a modern spy thriller ripped straight from today’s headlines. Written in the second person, Sunjay William’s surprising debut is much anticipated, but worth the wait. Available for all Patreon Subscribers $5 and above.

Kickstarter – Burn, Thrive, Burn

We’re almost halfway to our goal already for NiTH’s first physical publication. It’s an important milestone, setting a pathway for future publications and adding another rung on the ladder towards… wherever we’re going.

If you haven’t checked out what’s on offer, I suggest you do. Not only will you score some sweet rewards, but you’re also supporting writers just like you.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out this week’s shortlist for the Grande Vast & Brief Award, where stories have to be short and epic all at once. There’s a really exciting collection of works on offer, so I suggest you give it a look.