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At Needle In The Hay we are all about the writers, in fact, we're all writers ourselves.

For some of us, writing is a hobby, a creative outlet, a way of expressing ourselves. For others, it's a part or full time career. We don't know if there's any right way to 'do writing', but we do know that writing is a rewarding pursuit anyone can enjoy.

That doesn't mean writing is without its struggles. Our services are designed to help steer you in the right direction. From straightforward online courses to editing and manuscript writing services, you'll find most of what you need here at NiTH. So take a look below and see what we have!

How To Write A Short Story

Short stories are the best starting point for authors looking for a flexible and accessible format to unleash their creativity. Our introductory course takes you through the three stages of being a short story writer, with special exclusive interviews with senior editors from modern publications on what they publish when it comes to short fiction.

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Introduction To WriteUp

Learn how to create and maintain positive writing habits with this skills based course that includes writing a short stories in the genre of your choosing.

Modelled on the behaviour of athletes, WriteUp provides the structural framework for you to unleash your creativity.

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Manage Your Own Website Course

A website is more than just a landing page. Learn how to register your own site, upload new content, themes, create buttons, widgets and menus, and make a beautiful web space for your personal brand.

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The Multi-Narrative Novel Course

This six module course uses examples from popular and award winning fiction to help writers create dazzling stories involving multiple points of view. Serialise your fiction, or weave intricate tales through time and space.

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Mastering Flash Fiction Writing Course

Flash is the building block of great fiction. Discover the techniques for mastering brevity with an active voice, and delve into the world of the fastest growing storytelling mode in contemporary culture.

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Course Curriculum & Discounts For Patrons & Subscribers!

Support NiTH via PayPal or Patreon? Right now we're offering up to 50% off on some of our writing courses. Sound good? Grab our course curriculum and check out the details.

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Manuscript Writing & Mentoring

6 & 12 month courses to help you write, edit and rewrite your manuscript. These are 1-on-1 courses with mentors who will help review, proof and guide your writing as it evolves when and where you need it, along with regular online meetups to keep you moving forward.

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Editing & Proofreading Services

Our editing services start at 0.5 cents a word and come with a complete line edit, review and suggestions. We also offer Skype / chat meetups for manuscripts over 30 000. Our editing services also make a great gift for that writer you know who might need a little push in a fun, safe environment.

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