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Writing Contest Character Study

 Creating a sympathetic character who is cold or unpersonable is tough for any writer, but that’s the challenge we’re setting in this competition.

Writing Contest Character Study


(Borrowed from 9 More Awesome Creative Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompt

Create a character who has trouble connecting with others. There problem might be physical, emotional or mental. Write their story and come up with a resolution, even if its temporary.

Short Story Contest Guidelines

Follow the guidelines, but don’t be afraid to challenge them if you need to.

  • Due Date

    All short stories due in 19 July

  • Word Count

    Write your story in 650 words or less

  • Prizes

    5000 words of any story of manuscript edited by the NiTH team.
    All shortlisted entries receive feedback from judges

Story Requirements

  • Characters

    Try to be creative in the way you present a character that has trouble connecting with outs. Think outside the box but bring it back to a relatable circumstance for the reader.

  • Setting

    You are free to use any setting and time period.

  • Special Requirements

    Have a character taking off clothes or putting them on at some point.

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Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the AWARD NAME Contest

Where do I Enter?

You can enter at our Submissions page.