Writing Prompts for Fantasy Stories


{Updated Sept 6 2015)

Who hasn’t dreamed of writing the next Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones?


Writing Prompts For Fantasy Stories


Whether it’s epic clashes between elves and ogres or haunting tales of magic and the possessed, fantasy stories have the ability to transport us to other worlds, engaging our sense of romance, imagination and adventure. And lets not forget our love of history and mythology.

These prompts are starting points. Often, the best writers won’t unpack the whole world in a chapter, but we will see glimpses of what lies beyond the veil.

Sometimes these glimpses are all we need.

1) Half Blood

Not of pure stock, the other children call her the Half Blood. For centuries it has been forbidden for her kind to enter the Colleges of Magic. Now, with the kingdom at war and the need for more spellcrafters growing daily, she has been allowed to put her skills to the use.

Making it into the Colleges of Magic is one thing, surviving it, however, is a whole different story


2) Lantern’s Flame

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This winter has been the longest in memory, and the town’s reserves are dwindling. You have been elected (on account of drawing the shortest straw) to venture out into the cold and dark and see how the neighbouring town fares. All you have is a bedroll, some warm furs, dried meat, and your trusty lantern

3) Birthright

Your whole life you have been educated as a royal of the court. Now you have discovered your lineage isn’t what everyone thought. Will you try to preserve your station by removing any evidence. or embrace your new life as a wandering commoner?


4) Dragonheart

First appearing as a discolouration on your shoulders, now the scaling has spread across your chest and arms. You are changing, and you’re not sure how much longer you can keep it a secret from the ones that you love.

5) The Parapet

You, a lonely gargoyle, made from stone to watch over the castle and it’s people. What do you see from your parapet? What strange meetings take place on these walls, and at what strange hours?


6) Oaf

He’s a big lad, this one. Can haul stones upon his back like they are hollow inside, and he must have hollow legs too, on account of all the eating.

He’s also the village’s greatest warrior. He has a weakness though, and I am the only one who knows.


7) Sun and Moon

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Twin sisters raised apart in separate and warring kingdoms. Each is unaware of the other until a chance meeting on neutral ground brings them together and the truth unfolds.

  1. Where does it take place?
  2. Who are these girls?
  3. How do they relate?


8) Fae Little Things

We’ve all heard the stories about the fae kind, the pixies at the end of the garden. Frivolous creatures with a penchant for tricks and simple magic. They seem so benign. What girl wouldn’t like to meet their own real life tinkerbell.

That’s until you meet a real Faerie. Small, frail, and definitely a little crazy. Who knew they could be so vicious…

This prompt is now a writing contest. Find out how to enter.

9) Familiar Fued

Your family has always been touched with an affinity for beasts. Some say it’s the witchdruid blood that runs in your veins. But druids can be territorial too. After your Mother’s death your siblings have returned, along with their favoured familiars, to claim what’s owed.

Things are going to get ugly in this neck of the woods.

10) Ronan The Scarbarian

He’s always been the runt of the tribe, that Ronan. But that didn’t stop him from entering the Fighting Pits. In fact, it’s what spurred him on.

11) The Last Bard

After the Queen was murdered the New Rules forbid any music within the kingdom. Those that defied them were left swinging from trees. Only one Bard remains, hidden in the forest, playing music through the night.

12) Token Totem

What’s left for the hero who’s found all the loot. Write a story about a character who has every magical sword, every blessed hammer, every book of power, but still wants more.

13) The Docks

While the morning mists are still thick a single ship makes its way into the harbour. The crew are pale eyed and gaunt. The cargo stamped with the sign of the Dragon.

14) You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Left for dead but your brothers, you find yourself raised up, alive, at least in song sense of the word. But then whatever once beat in your chest has grown cold. Vengeance won’t bring satisfaction, but it’s something you are compelled to do.

15) The Poultice

When the riders came, you had wanted to stay and fight. After all, that’s what your people did. They stood their ground, and they fought to their last.

Your Aunty wasn’t having any of it. With haste she mixed a poultice that, when placed on your skin, should have hidden you from the eyes of the enemy.

In her rush she must have made some sort of mistake. Instead, you’ve been radically changed. Now you look….

unnamed (3)

16) Kramer vs Clay-mer

When the Imperial Guard quarantined your district, everyone in the neighbourhood looked to you, the Alchemist, to come up with a way of scaring off the militia.

So, dusting off your Grandmother’s recipe book you found the solution.

A Golem.

It worked. Your clay creation stalked the Imperial Guard, harassing them until they packed up and left. You were praised as a hero. The toast of the town.

But there’s a problem, a big problem.

The recipe doesn’t tell you how to turn the golem off.

unnamed (8)

17) Sugar Me Timbers

It’s incredible!

The wish of a young girl turned the world into sugar mountain. Candy cane trees, lollipop lanes, and everyone has their very own gingerbread hose to snack on.

In the world where fairyfloss has replaced the clouds and the rivers run with chocolate not everything is paradise.  All this sugar consumption has left a cavity in global health.

Dentists everywhere are overworked, lines run out the door with demands for fillings and route canals.

A rogue dentist, forced by the new Sugar Authority Board to keep working in order to meet demand decides enough is enough…


18) Daddy Issues

When she was younger, Tess’s Mother told the story of her Father, the great hero who went off to war and died protecting the realm. He was tall, and strong, and fearless.

And, of course is was a lie.

Who was her Father? It remained one of many mysteries at court, but Tess’s Mother was a minor noble in the scheme of things, and of little concern to the aristocracy.

Until, on the year of her seventeenth birthday, a succession of ill-timed deaths has led to Tess inherit her small fortune. Is it any wonder then, with her Mother gone, several ‘Gentlemen’ have come forward to claim Tess as their own.

What’s a young lady to do?