Writing Prompts Master List

Prompts are a one of the best ways to trigger your creative brain, giving writers a kicking of point for anything from an idea to a full blown story.

Below you’ll find links to all of our writing prompt articles. We update them daily, so check back often for more prompts.

Daily Writing Prompts

A link to our daily writing prompts, all in one place. See what we’ve put up lately

Science Fiction Writing Prompts

From UFOs and Zombies to Artificial Intelligence and Time Travel this is our comprehensive list of SciFi Writing Prompts.  Teleport there now.

Horror Prompts

A Collection of NiTH’s spookiest, scariest and goriest writing prompts. Bloodcurdling screams and dripping blood await. 

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Swords, sorcery and scandal. Let your imagination run wild in a world of your making. Legolass, what do your Elf eyes see?

Journal Writing Prompts

Journaling is a great way to get your ideas down on paper and maintain a writing habit. This list of prompts is designed to help you get started.

Creative Writing Prompts to Get The Ink Flowing

From strange visitors to impossible geometries these writing prompts challenge you to release your inner creative powerhouse. Read the full list.

Prompts for Overcoming Writers Block

When you’re in trouble and you can’t quite seem to find your flow these writing prompts are good medicine. Read the full list here.

Cyberpunk Writing Prompts

Jack into the matrix and download the latest in cyberpunk writing technology. Can you feel the ghost in your shell?

Writing Prompts for Australians and The People Who Love Them

This one is for all us Aussies who have something to say. Slip out your pen and pad, slop into your favourite chair, slap on some tunes and wrap your head around these prompts.

What Are Writing Prompts?

Got no idea what the hell we’re talking about? This article explains what writing prompts are, and offers some good techniques for using them.

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