Writing Tips For Authors

Even the best scribes need help now and then. Here’s our one stop shop for writing tips, to give authors of all ages and abilities a hand writing the best short stories.

Writing Tips & Resources For Authors

Writing Tips for Horror Stories

Want to know the secret to writing great horror? These tips will put you on the right path. You also might want to try out writing prompts for horror stories as well.

Writing Prompts Master List

Triggers for writing great Fiction or just maintaining the habit.

Writer Workshops

Improve your writing in a structured environment.

The Unreliable Narrator

One of the most popular techniques in fiction over the last two centuries, the Unreliable Narrator can add flavour to your writing, maintain a sense of mystery, or call into question everything you know about the story. The power is yours!*


NiTH Judge’s Roundtable #1

A good primer for anyone looking to get started on writing short stories and want to know what our judges typically look for.

NiTH Judge’s Roundtable #2 – Cultivating a Voice

Find out what our judges think is the best way to cultivate a voice for your short and flash fiction writing.

Short Story: A Guide to Reading and Writing

Want to learn more about short stories, why they are important, and how writing and reading them can be fun as well as rewarding? Well you need to read this.

*Captain Planet was not an unreliable narrator

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